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Settlement Agreement Florida

In the News • Aug 19, 2022
post about Settlement Agreement Florida

Can you be bound by a settlement agreement Florida that you don’t sign? Generally, hell no. Here’s “all” you need to know about this trust legal topic in 3 minutes. We have previously written about deals that were struck at mediation. How to read them. And to enforce them. Now, let’s get to this new legal opinion.

Florida settlement agreements are highly encouraged. But, most times, you have to sign to be bound. #settlementagreementflorida

Mediation and Settlements

Most people settle their cases.

One reason is that probate judges in Florida require mediation before trial. Some judges require multiple mediations.

Many times, those mediations end in a settlement agreement.

Many times, the parties ask the court to approve a settlement agreement. And compel everyone to be bound by the terms of the settlement agreement.


Well, not really. A recent opinion from the Palm Beach Appeals Court, Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal tells us more.

Florida Settlement Agreement

What if you did not sign the settlement agreement?

But the agreement affects your rights? Let’s face it: settlement agreements are very common for estate beneficiary, will contests, and trust lawsuits.

Or takes away some property or trust interests from you? You got a trust lawsuit !

But the good news is that a settlement agreement only binds the parties.

If you did not sign, you are not bound.

Now, there are exceptions. You could be bound indirectly. Such as if you are a share holder, a member in a Florida LLC, or a beneficiary of a Florida trust (where the trustee signs the settlement).

But this is a victory for trust beneficiary rights.