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Pankauski Lazarus PLLC exclusively represents clients in matters involving estate, business, wills and probate litigation. We represent beneficiaries, trustees and executors throughout Florida when disputes develop in regard to wills, trusts, administration, inheritances, investment losses, beneficiaries’ rights and many other estate, business, property & probate topics. Beneficiaries to business owners call for commercial litigation, business disputes, inheritance lawsuits, real estate litigation and appeals.

We are serious litigators who only handle disputes and related administration issues. We focus on the complex probate and business litigation, including appellate work, that surrounds estate planning, business and the probate process. Every one of our attorneys has extensive litigation experience, and members of our firm are in court almost every day. If an estate or trust is a multi-million dollar matter, with complex creditor, tax, property, inheritance or family matters, our firm does this every day.

We Keep Cases Moving Forward

We use an assertive trial approach to keep complicated disputes from lingering for years at a time. Many people believe that probate cases are notoriously slow. Although we cannot guarantee a particular result or timeline, we have developed many strategies and techniques that keep cases on track toward an efficient resolution. Our approach keeps cases moving at a pace that is often much faster than the average probate or estate dispute in Florida.


Our aggressive timelines and dedication to estate and probate law have led to many successful and public outcomes for our clients. Our litigation approach has also shown the legal community that we are innovative and results-driven litigators who can serve as a resource for other lawyers. When lawyers find a case that they think is too complex or that will take too long, they know that they can bring it to us and put our tried and true litigation methods to work. These referrals are the highest form of praise, and we are proud to offer services that garner the respect of our peers and clients alike.

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