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Florida Trust Lawsuit

What We Do Aug 26, 2022
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Involved in a Florida Trust Lawsuit? Here are 5 basic tips to try to get on the road to victory. For information on a trust contest, click that link. (For a short legal video on a trust contest or trust challenge, click THIS LINK.) 5 Things to Read Right Now OK, before we get into the topic of a Florida trust lawsuit, let’s give you 5 things which you can read for free (almost) right now. These should help you understand this topic much better. First, consider reading the Florida Trust Code. Chapter 736 of the Florida Statutes. These laws set forth the starting point to understanding a Florida Trust Lawsuit. They tell you the rights which beneficiaries have and the duties of your trustee. (For a short video on a trustee who breaches her duty, click HERE.) In fact there is a whole section just on the Office of the Trustee. (For a short video on trust accountings, click HERE). Second, if you want to read about a trust contest, you can click on that link. Remember, a trust contest typically objects to the validity of the trust. Or part of it. Like an amendment or a specific provision. Many times, people will attempt to have a trust , or amendment, declared invalid or void. For any number of reasons like undue influence. Third, read the Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure. Why? Because a Florida trust lawsuit has rules ! You need to know what to do, how to […]


5 Things You Need to Know About Removing a Trustee

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2014
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Are you the beneficiary of a Palm Beach trust? I can’t tell you how many calls I get at our West Palm Beach probate litigation law firm.  (We have added new and updated material on removing a Florida trustee.)  Trust beneficiaries are upset with their trustee. “I want to remove my trustee!” they complain. Here are five things a trust beneficiary needs to know now about trying to remove a trustee of a Palm Beach trust.