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Florida Probate Fraud & Undue Influence

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019
post about Florida Probate Fraud & Undue Influence

Do you believe that you are a victim of probate fraud in Florida? Many heirs and family members ponder that question.  Often, they question last minute changes to an estate plan.   Florida probate fraud may also exist if a fiduciary intentionally hides information.  What should probate litigators in West Palm Beach know about probate fraud? If your dad’s girlfriend convinces your dad to disinherit you, your dad’s only child, from his will and leave everything to her, this could be probate fraud. When something like this happens, there are usually allegations of undue influence regarding a Florida will/trust,codicil to a will, or trust amendment/ restatement of trust. Trust and estates lawyers know that undue influence is a type of fraud.  Here is a FREE VIDEO on undue influence & probate fraud.  What is undue influence? Undue influence is a common allegation to try to set aside a will or trust, and is often described as over-persuasion, force, or coercion. If someone was forced to sign a deed, or “give over” a bank account, those acts may be set aside if they were the product of undue influence. In addition, a will, codicil, or trust can be thrown out if the testator or creator was unduly influenced to create them or change them. If you think you are a victim of probate fraud, what should you do? You should consult with a Palm Beach probate litigation lawyer who can file a petition in a Florida probate, or a lawsuit regarding a trust, bank account, lifetime gift, or inter […]


Florida Probate Litigation: What is a Pour Over Will?

Uncategorized Mar 7, 2019
post about Florida Probate Litigation: What is a Pour Over Will?

What is a pour over will ? Should I speak with a Florida trust and estates lawyer to create one? What do I do if my mom has passed away leaving a pour over will?  These are all good questions.  For a more current commentary on pour over wills, click HERE.  But many heirs and family members also want to know about contesting a Florida will.