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Florida Trust Contest

What We Do Mar 28, 2021
post about Florida Trust Contest

Are you involved in a Florida Trust Contest? Do you know how to set aside a Trust Document in Florida? Successor Trustees of a living trust are a “necessary” or “indispensable” party to a Trust Contest. Most family members or beneficiaries who got short-changed want to know what their rights are. If you are a beneficiary who was cut out, here are some things to understand. But first. If you would like to see a FREE TRUST CONTEST VIDEO, then CLICK THIS LINK. Trust Code in Florida Chapter 736 of the Florida Statutes is the Florida Trust Code. There is a specific Florida Trust Law on Trust Contests. You can read Fla. Stat. 736.0207 by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to read the entire Florida Trust Code, Chapter 736, CLICK HERE. We have previously discussed how to “go on the offense” for your Probate Case. While we won’t discuss strategy in this commentary, strategy is important. “But” says John Pankauski, “you first need to know the trust document and trust law cold.” How To Try a Trust Contest Case Remember that a challenge to a Florida trust is begun by filing a lawsuit. Why? Because Florida Trust Law 736.0201 says so. And, “Remember” says Trust Litigation Lawyer John Pankauski “that means you have a trial on your hands.” Pankauski knows a lot about Florida Trust Contests and Trust Trials. Just last November, he and his team of expert trust litigators & trust appeals attorneys had a week long Trust […]


What is a Florida Revocable Trust?

FAQs Mar 27, 2021
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Everyone has a Florida Revocable Trust ! Billions and Billions of dollars are put into them. And family members, in-laws, outlaws, heirs and mis-fits all inherit from revocable trusts every day. So, what really is this estate planning tool or vehicle? For an authoritative, easy-to-understand, Plain English and FREE “one stop shop” on revocable trusts, CLICK HERE. To read more about Family Trusts, consider reading John Pankauski’s book, Pankauski’s Trustee’s Guide: 10 Steps to Family Trustee Excellence. Want more, including a recent revocable trust opinion and statutes? Keep reading. 2020 Palm Beach Trust Case A revocable trust is often an important part of one’s Florida Estate Plan. Like a Last Will, it can leave money and property to select beneficiaries. It has been described as an instrument, an estate planning vehicle, a document. A revocable trust is all of that and more. Most wills today are POUR OVER WILLS which leave everything to a rev trust. The rev trust then distributes inheritances out. The creator of a trust is called the “grantor” or “settlor.” Typically, you are your own trustee when you create such a trust. When you are longer a trustee, you can appoint a successor in your trust document. On August 5, 2020, the Palm Beach Appeals Court issued an important opinion. This appeals court is known as the 4th District Court of Appeal. They issued their opinion on Florida Revocable Trust in the case of Schlossberg v. Estate of Kaporovsky. This trust appeal explained what a revocable […]


5 Things You Need to Know About Removing a Trustee

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2014
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Are you the beneficiary of a Palm Beach trust? I can’t tell you how many calls I get at our West Palm Beach probate litigation law firm.  (We have added new and updated material on removing a Florida trustee.)  Trust beneficiaries are upset with their trustee. “I want to remove my trustee!” they complain. Here are five things a trust beneficiary needs to know now about trying to remove a trustee of a Palm Beach trust.