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How to Win your Florida Estate Case at a Probate Mediation

If you are involved in a Florida estate dispute before you go to trial, you are going to be required to mediate the case with a mediator. Here are some tips on how to try to win your case at a Florida probate mediation.

One of the things that you can remember is be prepared. Understand your case, the strengths and weaknesses, as well as having a damage model for the money that you seek.

Two, understand the documents that are at the heart of your case, the will of the trust. You need to understand them cold. And you need to know whether they are going to be overturned or declared void or not.

Finally, recognize that there necessarily isn’t a win. At a mediation, everybody’s going to resolve the case by giving up something, but getting the certainty of ending the matter and ending the Florida probate dispute.

Be open-minded, build leverage, build strength, prepare for mediation. And of course, be prepared to go to trial if your mediation case does not settle.