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Florida Will Contest

Our Firm Sep 7, 2021
post about Florida Will Contest

What is a Florida Will Contest and what do you need to know? To see a free Florida probate video about a will contest, CLICK HERE. To learn more, keep reading. An Introduction to Florida Will Contest A Florida will contest is a challenge to a will. It involves going to court, the probate court, and making a claim. This claim is often in the form of a court-filed document called a Petition. In that Petition, you set forth your case on why the will is not valid. That is your challenge. You challenge the validity of the will. Florida law lists a limited number of reasons why a will may not be valid. Understanding all of these legal avenues is key to your success. Gathering your evidence is key. Finally, knowing how to try this type of case is paramount. Unless you settle your will contest, it will go to trial. A probate judge will tell you whether a will is valid or not valid. If there are a number of wills in play, she will tell you which ones are valid, which are not valid, and which one controls. Are you ready? Affect of Fraud or Duress A will that is caused by Fraud or Duress is void. Undue influence is a kind of fraud. Many times, people question wills that are signed right before death. Or, when a new beneficiary magically appears in a will, and was never there before. If a person forced or pressured someone […]


Is the Florida Will Valid: a free legal video for family members, heirs & beneficiaries

FAQs Mar 28, 2021
post about Is the Florida Will Valid: a free legal video for family members, heirs & beneficiaries

Heirs, adult children and beneficiaries of Florida probates + estates have asked for this ! A definite guide + legal commentary that answers the question: is the Florida Will Valid? For a free video on this Florida probate topic, CLICK HERE. What Makes a Will Valid? Under Florida law, a will is valid if it was signed properly and the person signing knew what she was doing. 2 witnesses are needed. The person signing the will and the two witnesses must all sign at the same time in “the presence of each other.” The person making the will needs to have a general understanding of what she is doing. This means that they should understand that the document is a will, that they are disposing of property at death. Leaving property at death. When they die. One should have an idea of what property they own, and who their family members are. Not only is mental competency important. But the will signer must be free of any pressure, force or UNDUE INFLUENCE. A will that is caused by an INSANE DELUSION or fraud is void. For more commentary on how to sign a Florida Will, CLICK HERE. Florida Probate Code The Florida Laws on wills are found online, free of charge. Just google Chapter 732, Part V. Or, you can CLICK HERE. This part of the total Florida Probate Code sets forth the rules for valid wills. Those laws tell you who may make a will in Florida. And how […]


Contesting a Florida Will

Probate Information Jul 26, 2019
post about Contesting a Florida Will

You only have a limited time for contesting a Florida will. Blow the deadline and it’s over. MOST of the time ! If you want to object to probate or are involved in a will contest, read on. If you are considering hiring an experienced probate litigation law firm on a contingency fee, you can read more by clicking HERE. Will Contests in Florida — what is it? A will contest is an objection raised against the validity of a will. If you believe that a will is invalid, you can hire a Florida estate litigator to contest the will on your behalf. Will contest lawsuits take place in probate courts in front of a probate judge. In order to determine whether you have a strong will contest case, you should consult with an experienced probate litigation lawyer. One question she will ask you is : why do you believe the will is not valid? Or, put another way. What is the legal or factual basis to object and overturn the will ? If the will-signer was not of SOUND MIND, the will is not valid. Same is true if the will was caused by fraud or duress. Hiring a Litigator for Contesting the Florida Will A will contest is a trial! Would you hire a foot doctor to do brain surgery? No! So, is your lawyer comfortable calling witnesses, raising objections and discussing evidence in the courtroom? Will he or she even take your case to trial? Or do […]