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Florida Civil Theft Law– everything you need to know

Our Firm Aug 22, 2021
post about Florida Civil Theft Law– everything you need to know

Did someone take your property? You may be able to seek TRIPLE (treble) damages, plus interest, plus attorneys fees. Here’s everything you need to know about Florida Civil Theft Law. For a brief free legal video on DAMAGES and calculating damages, click HERE. The Statute You MUST Read on Civil Theft ! Florida Statute 772.11 is the “begin and end” of Florida Civil Theft Law. Read it here for free by a simple CLICK. To be thorough, read the entire Chapter 772. It does not take long and you will learn a lot about this. Don’t have time? Read the bullet point highlights below. Everything You Need To Know in Plain English + Few Words This law only applies to one of the crimes on the list in 772.11 . Pre suit demand is a requirement You can’t receive punitive damages if you prevail So, your probate or trust litigator needs to analyze whether you want to try to get trebel damages or DON’T SUE FOR CIVIL THEFT but seek punitive damages. But………………….can you plead in the alternative? Attorneys fees and costs can go to the winner — including the DEFENDANT under certain circumstances Can you prove your case by CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE? Can I Use This Law for POA or Florida Trust Cases? Can you use this law if your trustee is stealing from you? Yes ! To see a free trust video on trustees stealing, click HERE. The statute can definitely be used against Florida Trustees who […]


Civil Theft Florida

In the News Aug 22, 2021
post about Civil Theft Florida

Triple damages, interest and attorneys fees. There is a LOT at stake in a civil theft Florida lawsuit. Read more about this topic and an August 18, 2021 opinion from a Florida appeals court that discusses entitlement to attorneys fees. Why Civil Theft? Florida’s civil theft law permits a civil recovery of damages for certain crime victims. And also financial exploitation of the elderly. But be careful. There are only certain crimes that you can recover civil damages for. Read Chapter 812 of the Florida Statutes. Those statutes deal with theft, robbery and crimes. There is an entire set of laws on getting civil remedies or damages against someone who commits a crime against you. You can read the Civil Theft Statute for free by clicking HERE. Civil theft laws do have special rules. For example, you can only get damages in a civil lawsuit for certain crimes. Read 812.012- 812.037 and 825.103(1). For a free legal video on damages, and interest in Florida civil theft cases, CLICK HERE. Civil Theft Florida in Trust and Estate Cases Is it possible for a family member or beneficiary to sue a trustee or another wrongdoer for civil theft in an estate or trust? The answer is yes. Our appellate courts use the term defalcation when describing a trustee who improperly takes trust property. And estate executors in Florida probates have the same duties as a Florida trustee. But, experienced probate litigators caution, have your eyes wide open. “Proving civil theft is not […]


Inheritance Theft Laws in Florida

What We Do Mar 24, 2021
post about Inheritance Theft Laws in Florida

Are you wondering where your inheritance is? Did someone improperly deny you your Florida inheritance? This legal commentary will provide insight on Inheritance Theft Laws in Florida. We have already written about INHERITANCE DISPUTES and APPEALS. Now, let’s focus a bit more on inheritance theft. Civil Theft vs. Probate Remedies Civil theft is said to be one cause of action in Florida. It is one part of Inheritance Theft Laws in the sunshine state. Admittedly, this law appears to be used too much, or, perhaps improperly. Florida Statute 772.11 is the Florida Civil Theft Law. It provides a civil penalty for doing criminal things. “Clients love the Florida Civil Theft Law” says Florida litigation attorney John Pankauski “you get triple damages and attorneys fees.” BUT, Pankauski reminds us, that’s only have a judge or jury trial. AFTER you win! And he should know. Unlike a lot of Florida lawyers who want you to settle all your cases, he actually tries cases and handles appeals. Yup, he is NOT for everyone. To read more about treble or triple damages under the civil theft law in Florida, and attorneys fees, read Florida Statute 772.11 (1). Consider also reading Florida Statute 772.185. For a FREE VIDEO on civil theft and damage calculation, CLICK HERE. Probate Court Remedies The truth is that most of your remedies for inheritance theft lie in probate court, or the civil court, and don’t involve Florida’s civil theft statute. “When you are talking about inheritances” says probate litigator John […]


Civil Theft Florida — + 3x Damages

In the News Apr 22, 2019
post about Civil Theft Florida — + 3x Damages

Is someone you know the victim of civil theft in Florida? Have funds been embezzled from a Florida trust or bank account? Many times, heirs and family members want to know what happened to their inheritance. Understanding your rights to your inheritance is important. Here’s more information about this unique legal remedy. It is SERIOUS stuff. Do you have the stomach to handle it? Civil Theft Florida — can you handle the risk? Florida law says if you commit a crime, you can be sued civilly ! Are you ready to collect and exercise your rights? Now, the this law comes with risks + rewards Like all litigation matters, no one– I mean NO ONE– has a crystal ball Would you risk being assessed with attorneys fees if you lose? One such remedy is an action for civil theft Florida when funds have been stolen Can you use this in West Palm Beach probate court? When a trustee comingles or pilfers funds, is that civil theft? For more information, why don’t you start with the law: Florida Statutes 772.11 What about when the personal representative takes funds that she is not entitled to? Recent Case + 1 Law OK, so you want to read more about this law? This “right of recovery?” You can read this 3rd District Court of Appeal opinion in the case of Bailey v. Covington. This is an April 7, 2021 opinion. So, it’s recent and pertinent. Is your probate lawyer up on this? And the statute, or law, you already know about. Because […]