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Interpleader Contingency Lawyer

Firm News Aug 29, 2021
post about Interpleader Contingency Lawyer

An interpleader contingency lawyer may be the “car” that drives you to the courthouse door ! (Keys to the courthouse door? Perhaps….) And gets you your inheritance. IF you can find one. After all, there are not a lot of lawyers who take inheritance or interpleader cases on a contingency fee basis. And, if you do find one, how do you know that they have the experience and aggressiveness that most consumers want? To learn about interpleader lawyers, you can read more by clicking HERE. To consider more about finding a contingency fee lawyer or learning more about how this may assist you with your case, keeping reading. What is Interpleader? Interpleader is an action or lawsuit by a “stakeholder.” The stakeholder typically has possession of money or property or funds. What kind of funds? Think millions and millions (no exaggeration !!) of dollars in Florida life insurance proceeds. And IRAs. Mutual funds. Bank Accounts. Brokerage and financial accounts. A typical stakeholder is an insurance company, or annuity company or mutual fund company or bank. When there are competing claims to the money, the stakeholder asks a court to deposit the money with the court. With the court’s registry. And they want to go and be done. All that’s left is for the family members, heirs, beneficiaries (or others) to fight it out. In the end, a judge will tell you who inherits. When Does an Interpleader Contingency Lawyer Make Sense? Legal services are expensive. Let’s face it. Aggressive or […]