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How Long is an Emergency Temporary Guardianship?

FAQs Jul 16, 2022
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A Florida Emergency Temporary Guardianship should only last 90 days. BUT, there are special rules. There is much written about Florida Guardianship Lawyers and what litigators refer to as CONTESTED GUARDIANSHIPS. (Click that last tab for free legal videos). To learn more about ETGs, keep reading. Florida Guardianship Law Want to learn more about Florida Guardianship Law? Start with Florida Laws Chapter 744. That’s the Florida Guardianship Code. Those are statutes which tell the judges, the court, and the litigants, and their lawyers, how things run. Do you know the difference between a “mental health” case and “guardianship” or “GA” case? Do you know why you need two cases for a guardianship? (Yes, asking the court to rule that mom or dad is not competent is different than, but related to, asking a probate judge to appoint you as guardian.) Don’t forget to read the Florida Probate Code which has special rules for all probate matters. This includes estates and probates and guardianships. Finally, where is your guardianship located? Courts in Florida are divided up into judicial circuits. Judicial circuits in Florida have divisions. Each Florida Judicial Circuit has a probate division. The probate division handles guardianships. There may be more than one judge assigned to handle guardianships. That means there can be 2 or 3 divisions that your guardianship may get assigned to. Be sure to check out the Administrative Orders & local rules for your judicial circuit as well as a judge’s set of “judicial instructions.” Most can […]


How to Fight Guardianship Florida

What We Do Apr 14, 2021
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Regrettably, there are a lot of “contested” guardianships. Every day, it seems, Florida Probate Judges must make difficult decisions. Guardianships have a couple of purposes. First, they determine whether someone needs assistance and protection if they are incapacitated. An aging or afflicted Florida resident may seem fine on the outside. But they may not be able, in the eyes of a judge, to exercise all their rights. They, and their property, money, may need management + protection. Second, guardianships often confirm or appoint someone to take care of that person who is vulnerable. A guardian or a Power of Attorney, or maybe a trustee for just the property. Many times, family members “fight” over who will control mom or dad. And their money. We have previously provided commentary on FLORIDA GUARDIANSHIPS. Now, let’s focus on how to fight guardianship Florida. Understanding Guardianship Law There are 4 really important things that you can read for free to understand Florida guardianship law. And learn how to fight Florida Guardianship. First, read the Guardianship Code. Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes sets forth the law of Florida Guardianship. It can explain the TYPES of guardianships. Many times, people will file a motion or petition for EMERGENCY TEMPORARY GUARDIAN. This often upsets family members who are not given “notice” of this until a judge enters an order. There are also “plenary” guardianships. Or guardianships over just the property. Or, just the person. One of the most important rules is to file an appearance in […]


NetFlix I Care a Lot & Florida Guardianships

In the News Mar 1, 2021
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In Florida, guardianship business is booming — for good or for ill. Every week, perhaps every day, family members are asking a Florida Probate Court to declare an adult “incapacitated” or “incompetent“, remove or limit their rights and powers to act alone, and appoint a Guardian. Many times, a guardianship means that you limit access to one’s money !! We have written about “contested” Florida guardianships before, where family members duel over controlling a parent or their purse. Now, Netflix has a popular and new 2021 comedy, crime thriller called “I Care a Lot.” Will this popular streaming movie shed light on financial exploitation and financial abuse? Although it’s fiction, I Care a Lot is getting a lot of attention from people involved in Florida guardianships. I Care a Lot + Guardianships Florida guardianship law is found in Florida Statutes Chapter 744. This explains the entire Florida guardianship process. How do you start a guardianship? (file a petition). What if there is a Power of Attorney (consider lesser restrictive alternatives to a guardianship). “There’s actually two cases you need to start a Florida guardianship” says guardianship litigator John Pankauski. “You file a mental health case which suggests that a Florida resident is not competent and needs some protection and assistance” says Pankauski. “Then, who is going to provide that protection and assistance? You need a guardianship matter.” Pankauski should know. He leads a boutique law firm in Palm Beach which restricts its practice to so-called “probate litigation” which typically means […]


Adult Florida Guardianship Necessary?

Our Firm Dec 1, 2020

Are you considering filing for guardianship over a loved one? It may be difficult to do when your mom or dad are slowing down. Or faltering. But advanced age and decreased mental acuity can make loved ones susceptible to financial abuse. Adult Florida Guardianship is one way to ask a Probate Court for help. And to protect your parents’ property and their health. To read a host of FLORIDA GUARDIANSHIP topics and commentaries on the law, CLICK THIS LINK. Guardianships in Florida At Pankauski Lazarus, we frequently encounter family members who are concerned about elderly relatives and wish to file guardianships. However, it is important to consider all of the facts prior to petitioning. Is the person you are concerned about incapacitated? Does he or she suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s? Does the person go to the grocery store and bank on his or her own or require assistance? Is the person taking care of him or herself? Also, it is important to consider the costs of filing a guardianship. Guardianship litigation can become pricy, especially if the guardianship is contested. Will your brother or sister fight you for guardianship of your mom? Chapter 744– Florida’s Guardianship Laws There are a lot of rules to help you along in the Adult Florida Guardianship process. Miami guardianship lawyers know that guardianship law is governed by Chapter 744 of the Florida Statutes. If you are involved in guardianship litigation in Miami, or anywhere in Florida, you should refer to this chapter. An experienced Florida […]


Florida Adult Guardianships: Alleged Incapacitated Person and Her Attorney

What We Do Nov 19, 2020
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Are you involved in a Miami guardianship proceeding? Florida Adult Guardianships seem to be on the rise. Many family members not only file for guardianship for a mother or father. They also sometimes fight over who will be in charge. Probate Judges always appoint a lawyer to represent the person who is the subject of a guardianship. But what if you want a different lawyer? We have provided thoughtful free commentary on Florida Guardianship Law, as well as the Netflix show I Care A Lot and even Britney Spears. Now, let’s talk about Florida Adult Guardianships in Miami. After all, Guardianships are not just for minors. Miami Guardianships At Pankauski Lazarus, we handle many guardianship cases throughout Florida. When we refer to “guardianships”, we are talking about guardianships over adults, not minors. Commonly, children of the elderly file a guardianship to protect their mom or dad. Maybe they are suffering from dementia or Alzheimers. Or, sometimes it’s more subtle. They are just slowing down. And they need some help. And, their property needs some management and protection. To read about financial exploitation or elder abuse, CLICK HERE. To see a FREE VIDEO on financial exploitation of the elderly, CLICK THIS LINK. Furthermore, certain disabled or injured adults may benefit from a guardianship if they are incompetent and unable to take care of themselves. Occasionally, parents of adult children may file a Florida guardianships if the adult child is unable to handle his or her needs. Florida guardianship lawyers know that guardianship […]