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Palm Beach Estate Attorney

Our Attorneys • Aug 8, 2023
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Finding the “right” Palm Beach Estate Attorney probably turns on what you NEED. Read more below if you are in the middle of a dispute. If you need someone to write a will or trust for you, look for a good estate planning attorney. If you need some litigation counsel, consider seeing this short, free video. It just may help you find what you are looking for. Or, keep reading.

How to find a good one

Shopping” for a good Palm Beach Estate attorney is kind of like searching for any service provider.

What? Are you telling me that there is no difference in finding, say, a good dry cleaner or architect, from a “fire-breathing” litigator? Well, who we hire may be different, but aren’t most of your best search practices the same?

Try to find someone who specializes in what you are after, who has years of experience, and someone you connect with. Have faith in. Can confide in. Have confidence in.

If you are looking for a lawyer to write a will or trust, or POA, that’s an estate planning attorney. Don’t look for someone who handles probate litigation, trials and appeals.

Palm Beach Estate Attorney

But what if you objecting to a will or bringing a trust lawsuit?

Or, maybe your Personal Representative or Trustee or Executor is not sharing information with you?

Then, you need some “firepower”, right? (To see some free Florida probate litigation videos, click here.)

Look for someone who backs up his or her practice with real trial experience.

Notice that I did not use the word “courtroom” experience. Why?

Because a lot of lawyers say that they “go to court“. And they do!

But…. they don’t try cases.

And they probably don’t know how to, or are not comfortable trying your probate dispute.

A good Palm Beach Estate Attorney who handles trials will know and understand evidence, the Probate Rules and the rules of civil procedure. And remember, at trial, you can win or lose. So approach each case prepared for an appeal. Whether you win or lose.

Remember: if you win big, the other side might appeal. You want to think about that even before trial. NOT when the losing side files a notice of appeal.

There are many, many good estate planning attorneys out there to do an estate plan for you. There are only a handful of really good probate and trust litigators who limit their practice to this area of specialization.