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How to Handle a Complex Estate Appeal

The team at Pankauski Hauser are in court on a weekly basis fighting for your inheritance rights.

Probate appeals in Florida. How to handle a complex estate appeal. Hello my name is John Pankauski.I’m a probate litigation lawyer at Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach Florida. The trial attorneys and appellate lawyers at our firm handle probate and probate appeals throughout the State of Florida and you know most of the trial lawyers here are in court just about every single week with forceful advocacy fighting for your rights and your inheritance and helping you to exercise your rights and get your inheritance.

But my law partner Robert Hauser is board certified by the Florida bar in appellate law. If there’s a probate appeal, we have Rob handle all those appeals for us. Being a board-certified appellate lawyer is like being a specialist, almost an expert in that particular area and Rob handles appeals as well as trial work. If you have a complex probate appeal consider getting a good trial and appellate litigation firm to handle this. They can talk to you about the time frame they can talk to you about how it happens and the procedures as well as the potential cost.