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Inheritance Conflicts

Florida Estate and Inheritance Probate Lawyers

Some of the most difficult disputes involve inheritances, which often require an experienced estate or probate litigator. After all, the person who leaves the inheritance – the only person who could definitively answer any questions about the intent and direction of the inheritance – has passed away. For this reason, you need the assistance of a lawyer who regularly deals with these intricate matters, not someone who may handle a few of these cases during his or her whole career.

Pankauski Lazarus PLLC was founded for one purpose: to provide clients with inheritance disputes, and other estate litigation matters, with the assertive, confident and effective representation they deserve. To do this, we focus only on this specific field so that we remain on the cutting edge of the law as it develops. We also devote our entire practice to litigation & appeals. We do not “write” wills, create estate plans or update wills and trusts. Instead, our experienced Florida probate trial lawyers are in the courtroom, arguing the law and applying the facts: real-life, experience that allows us to serve as effective advocates for our clients.

Situations Where Our Florida Family Inheritance Attorneys Can Offer Assistance

There is often a wide range of situations that can lead to inheritance disputes. As an industry-leading estate and probate litigation firm in Florida, we are able to help clients resolve most types of inheritance-related matters. We pride ourselves on moving these cases forward, having an aggressive, focused, yet professional and civil, trial strategy; trying to avoid the pitfalls that can delay resolution of your probate dispute for years. Some of the most common circumstances found in inheritance disputes include:

  • Improper executor actions: These situations arise when an executor does not give you the property or assets to which you are entitled. They also occur when an estate is not being properly administered.
  • Disputes among beneficiaries: Inheritance disputes in an estate or trust can erupt when there are large or complex matters, or multiple beneficiaries (often siblings) who disagree over who gets what money and what assets. These can include disputes about how percentages of total assets are divided, or disputes over a unique piece of real estate or a family business.
  • Will & trust interpretation: Even the best drafted wills and trusts can contain confusing clauses and language. Sometimes, family members and beneficiaries read the same, exact provision in a will or a Florida revocable trust differently. Our focused litigation practice, and so called “will construction” experience, permit our probate litigation law firm to advocate for you, applying the rules of interpreting Florida wills and trusts.

Whether these, or other circumstances, are present in your Florida probate case, Pankauski Lazarus PLLC can use our extensive experience, and insightful approach to litigation, to assist you in not only advocating on your behalf, but creating a strategy for victory.

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