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Finding the top Palm Beach probate lawyers

If you’re looking for an estate lawyer in Florida or Palm Beach County, the good news is there’s lots of them out there. What your challenge is, is to find out what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the top or the best estate lawyers or probate lawyers in Palm Beach, decide on what you need. Do you need to administer an estate or a trust? That’s one skill set. Do you need someone to write a will or a trust for you? That’s a different skill set that may require some tax background.

Or do you need who does what the lawyers and appellate attorneys at our firm does? And that’s litigate. All our firm does is litigate. And that’s an entirely different skill set than writing wills and trusts, or administering estates and trusts. You want somebody who understands the rules of civil procedure, the evidence code. Someone who is focused and furious to build leverage for you. To file matters, file complaints, file a lawsuit, have hearings, issue subpoenas, call witnesses.

That’s how you can best find the best or top estate planning lawyer or estate lawyer in Palm Beach. Know what you want, make a laundry list, then interview as many attorneys as you can.