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Will Litigation Lawyer Florida

Our Firm • Aug 15, 2023

A will litigation lawyer Florida may be needed to assist getting your inheritance. But before you start interviewing, here are some insights that may prove helpful. (To learn more about the Florida probate process, you can click this link.)

A Will Litigation Lawyer Florida may be helpful to get your inheritance.

Where’s my inheritance?

Ever wonder why it takes some trustees so long to get your inheritance to you?

Beneficiaries and family members sure do !

Same question about estate executors or personal representatives.

I can’t tell you how many prospective clients call our firm each week complaining about their fiduciary.

Did you know that an estate is supposed to be administered “expeditiously?”

Common complaints which are repeated over and over again:

  • My trustee won’t give me a copy of the trust.
  • The estate is not doing anything.
  • My probate is taking too long.
  • No one opened probate.
  • They won’t tell me when I’m getting my inheritance.
  • They want me to sign papers but won’t explain them to me.

Will Litigation Lawyer Florida

So, do you know the signs of a “good” one?

(I know, I know…. what’s “good”?)

Here are some considerations . Some questions to ask when you are interviewing attorneys to assist you with your Florida estate or probate matter. Remember: try to interview as many as you have time for.

  • Today is an era of specialization. Consider hiring someone or a firm that ONLY handles estate and inheritance litigation.
  • Most people want some gray hair ! Consider looking for experience. Someone who has been handling probate trials and appeals for over 20 years.
  • Because lots of Floridians use a revocable trust to leave an inheritance, consider a litigator who also knows the Florida Trust Code. Sometimes, you have to object to the will in a probate AND ALSO file a trust action to object to the trust. (For free videos on Florida Trust Litigation, click that link).
  • Get real ! Look out for lawyers who say they “go to court all the time” but don’t really try cases or handle appeals.
  • Ask yourself : what do you want? What are you looking for in a lawyer?
  • A “regular” probate attorney may be just fine for you. But if you want an experienced, focused probate or inheritance litigator, ask her or him how many trials they have handled in the last year, during Covid, the past 10 years.
  • Finally, be real about what you can afford. Most firms charge you for their time. They don’t have a “trial” or “dispute” that they can price and sell their services for. Because no one knows how much time will be involved. Consider looking for a lawyer who handles probate litigation cases on a contingency.