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Probate Litigation: Beneficiaries v. Personal Representative

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019
post about Probate Litigation: Beneficiaries v. Personal Representative

West Palm Beach probate litigators frequently encounter inheritance cases where the beneficiaries of a Florida estate sue the personal representative of the estate. Usually, these inheritance lawsuits are even between family members. What are these disputes over? What types of issues do trust and estates lawyers frequently encounter? When do you need to hire a Florida probate lawyer? What do you do if a personal representative or executor is being bad? What rights do you have as a beneficiary? Is there an estate issue worth suing over in your Florida probate matter? A January 9,2019 Fourth DCA opinion is a good example of a lawsuit between a Florida personal representative and the beneficiaries. Here, there was initially a dispute over whether the decedent’ dad should be the personal representative or not. What is required to become a personal representative in Florida? What should you know about being the personal representative before you commit to it? Although the dispute regarding the appointment of the personal representative was resolved in mediation, the beneficiaries continued to file complaints against the personal representative for other issues. To read what these issues were, click here. To interview a Florida probate lawyer, free of charge, call (561)514-0900 ext. 101.