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What does TOD mean?

Uncategorized • Feb 13, 2021
post about What does TOD mean?

What does TOD mean to heirs, family members and Florida probate beneficiaries? TOD, or transfer on death, is a way that Florida residents pass millions and millions of dollars, automatically, without probate. Sometimes ! We have previously written about this pay on death will substitute and posted a number of Free TOD and Pay on Death Videos to help you understand beneficiary rights and inheritance rights for Florida TOD accounts. In short, TOD means “transfer on death” and generally gives the other name on the bank account 100% ownership when the other (or first) owner dies. Something so easy has never created more TOD lawsuits about Florida bank accounts, both in federal and state court. If you think you are entitled to a TOD account, consider reading three things that will tell you (almost !) all you want to know about Florida TOD accounts. And, it will answer the question: What does TOD mean in Florida?

Many family members and probate beneficiaries fight over Florida TOD accounts, according to John Pankauski. Pankauski has actually tried TOD and pay on death account cases and has handled those appeals.

Everything You Want to Know About TOD Bank Accounts in Florida

To learn all about TOD accounts in Florida, consider reading three things. First read the Florida TOD Law which tells you about pay on death accounts and bank accounts when there are two or more names. You may also hear the term “totten trust” or “POD” or pay-on-death. That’s Florida Statutes 655.78- 655.825. Second, there are two good TOD opinions from Florida’s appeals courts which will tell you a lot. Consider reading Keul v. Hodges Blvd Presbyterian Church, a 2015 Florida appeals court case from Florida’s First District Court of Appeal. Finally, consider reading the case of Blechman v. Estate of Blechman from the Palm Beach Appeals Court, the 4th District Court of Appeal.