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Palm Beach Inheritance Lawyer

Our Attorneys • Aug 6, 2023
post about Palm Beach Inheritance Lawyer

A Palm Beach Inheritance lawyer may be needed to help you with your inheritance. If you are “contesting” something in a Florida probate or trust, maybe you need a litigator. (Someone who actually handles probate trials + appeals all the time…..NOT just some lawyer who says they “go to court“. ) If you want a lawyer who does more than just “writes letters” demanding your inheritance, and you want a probate litigator, read on. This just may be the best 4 minutes you have spent on your Florida matter. (For more info, you can read free legal commentary and guidance by clicking HERE . )

Palm Beach Inheritance Lawyer = Firepower

OK…………..not everyone needs an Alpha Dog, right?

Many times, you are going to inherit money from an estate.

A Florida probate.

Maybe a revocable living trust.

So, if you trust your trustee or Personal Representative, you don’t need a Palm Beach Inheritance Lawyer.

But……………..what if that person is not sharing information with you?

And………..sometimes, things are not breaking your way.

Sick and tired of YOUR Personal Representative or Trustee not showing you the books?

Or NOT telling you where YOUR money is?

What can you do?

(For a brief read, free, on whether you need to hire a pitbull or not, read THIS.)

Baby Steps

OK…………..so there are some basic, simple things which you can do.

First of all, you can open a probate. That’s a court proceeding.


Because it causes all “interested persons” to play by the rules. The Probate Rules, the Evidence Code and the Probate Code.

And comply with the law and all the time frames.

If they don’t, then your Palm Beach Inheritance Lawyer is there for you ! To bring them to court. To ask the judge to make them do things.

Like what?

(To watch a free Florida probate video on selecting the lawyer that may be right for you, click HERE.)

YOUR Rights

You are ENTITLED to know all about the money.

YOUR money.

YOUR inheritance.

You can get the following:

  • A copy of the will or trust
  • An accounting or inventory
  • A list of what your executor or trustee is using the money for
  • How much they have taken, or used.
  • NO hiding the ball.
  • They have to give you FULL DISCLOSURE
  • Your Trustee or Personal Representative owes you DUTIES.
  • She can’t “hide the ball ” or operate in secret!
  • Full disclosure is the law.

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