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Palm Beach Guardianship

Our Attorneys • Aug 12, 2023
post about Palm Beach Guardianship

Here’s the FIRST thing you MUST know about a Palm Beach Guardianship. Is it contested or not-contested? If it’s not-contested, probably any old guardianship lawyer will do. If it’s contested, that’s a different story. Consider finding an experienced guardianship litigation lawyer.

Understanding Guardianship in 2 Easy Steps (sort of)

How can you learn all about Florida guardianships quickly?

First, read Florida Statutes Chapter 744, also called the Guardianship Code.

These are the Florida Statutes which tell you about how a guardian is supposed to act, whether she is a fiduciary, how the legal process works and how to end a guardianship.

It will also introduce you to new words and phrases.

Like “incapacity”, “alleged incapacitated person”, “lesser restrictive alternatives”.

And, it will tell you what to do if there is a power of attorney.

Second, interview as many guardianship lawyers as you have time for.

Look for those who SPECIALIZE in this area and are experts.

How will you know if the Palm Beach Guardianship lawyer is an expert?

You’ll know…………………………..

Here is a list of questions which you may want to ask when you interview:

  • How long have you been doing guardianship work?
  • How many pending guardianship cases do you have?
  • When was the last time you filed for guardianship?
  • When was the last time you were in front of a guardianship judge?
  • When is the next time that you will be in guardianship court?
  • How, as a guardianship attorney, do you define success?
  • How many CONTESTED guardianship cases have you had?
  • When was the last time you were in a guardianship TRIAL?

Palm Beach Guardianship

So, to learn more about Florida guardianship law, you can click on THIS LINK for free videos. No credit card, no “cookies” to accept or reject, and no personal data required.

In the end, there are a LOT of lawyers in South Florida who say they “do” guardianship.

Most are probably uncontested matters.

If are “fighting” about whether someone is incapacitated or not; whether one needs a guardian, or not; WHO the guardian should be; or whether someone mis-used a POA, then you need a trial attorney.

Interview carefully.