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Palm Beach Guardianship Lawyer

FAQs • Aug 6, 2023

How do you find a good Palm Beach Guardianship lawyer, and, what, EXACTLY, is one? (For free, helpful videos on Florida Guardianships, click HERE.)

Palm Beach Guardianship Lawyer

For good or for ill, guardianship cases have exploded.

If you asked me 20 years ago if I would be handling contested guardianships, I would have guessed “no.”

But, now, contested guardianships are a vital and important part of the probate litigation practice at Pankauski Lazarus. And, I’m proud to say, we have built up a stellar reputation, Florida-wide.

To read more about our guardianship practice, click HERE. It may assist you in determining whether you need to file for a Florida guardianship or not.

Let’s discuss the “two” “main” types of Palm Beach Guardianship lawyers.

Contested vs. Un-Contested Guardianships in Florida

There are two types of guardianships: contested and un-contested.

You don’t need me for an uncontested guardianship.

That’s where everyone gets along and there are no disagreements.

The truth is that there are many fine guardianship lawyers out there who do a good job. At much lower rates that a guardianship trial lawyer like me.

They know Florida Guardianship Law and are effective at assisting families.

But, what if you don’t agree?

What if you disagree?……………………….a LOT!?

Disputed Matters

When parties to a Palm Beach Guardianship do not agree, we call it a “contested” guardianship.

There are two things which may be contested.

First, whether or not someone, the alleged incapacitated person (AIP), is competent or not competent.

Do you have capacity or not?

Or maybe you are vulnerable and you just need some assistance?

A partial guardianship?

Second, if there is a need for a guardian, and there are no alternatives like a POA or a trust and health care proxy, WHO should be the guardian?

Many times, loving family members want to be in control. Make financial and property decisions, as well as personal, or health care, decisions.

If you have a guardianship trial, you may need a litigator, not just a guardianship lawyer. You wouldn’t drive your Nissan in Daytona, right?