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Inheritance Lawyers — 5 Traits to Look For in Florida

Our Attorneys • Jul 30, 2022
post about Inheritance Lawyers — 5 Traits to Look For in Florida

Inheritance lawyers in Florida know a thing or two about the probate process + trusts. And, also, how many times an estate can drag on and on–and on and on! Knowing HOW MUCH you inherit, and WHEN you are supposed to get your money are important. Every estate executor in Florida has a lawyer. Who’s watching your back?

Inheritances lawyers do a lot more than read wills. The best ones regularly handle trials + appeals to fight for your rights.

Inheritance or Inheritance Fight?

It should be easy enough, right? To get your inheritance.

Who’s responsible when it takes so long to get what is yours?

Do the lawyers slow it down? Or is there someone trying to steal your inheritance?

I mean Florida has lots of folks with billions and billions, if not trillions, of dollars. You have a will, maybe a trust, and you get your inheritance, right?

Well, the probate process does take time. There are rules and procedures. And if money is left in a trust, you have to deal with setting up the trust. And remember, the dead person’s creditors (e.g. IRS, Uncle Sam, credit card company, mortgage, pool cleaning, cable, etc) all need to be paid before the beneficiaries see a dime.

That’s why a good inheritance lawyer may be needed. Below are 5 things you may want to look for in a good Florida inheritance lawyer.

5 Questions to Ask a Florida Inheritance Lawyer

  1. Are you experienced? Some Florida lawyers write wills but also do dog bites, car crashes and slip and falls or criminal defense. Is that who you want helping you on an inheritance fight or will contest? Consider an attorney who limits her practice to wills, trusts and estates. One who knows the Florida Probate Code.
  2. Are you old enough? There are a lot of very good young attorneys out there who “fight the good fight” all the time and represent their clients well. But, whether you are looking for a doctor, lawyer or architect, most people want their service provider to have some experience. Consider an inheritance lawyer who has been practicing over 20 years.
  3. Can you handle a trial? If you need inheritance lawyers, the chance is you need one for one of two reasons. First, you actually need a probate lawyer to administer an estate. To get you your inheritance! Or, two, there is some dispute or disagreement, and you need an attorney to “fight” for you. Probate litigation has been described as a sub-specialty. LOTS of lawyers say they go to court. Ask yours how many trials they had in the last year alone. Ask them how they will look out for you and help you get what’s yours. Many — many — Florida estate lawyers say they go to court “all the time.” But can they handle a trial?
  4. Respect. Is your lawyer respected? Is her stellar reputation as a great attorney before the judge even before he walks into the probate courtroom or makes an opening statement for your trust trial? Having the confidence and experience to back up the loyalty and hard work are often important to a client.
  5. Understanding. “Fighting ” hard and advocating for a client are important. Yes, results matter ! Toughness counts absolutely. But will your lawyer put your best interests first, even above her own? Will your lawyer know when you are getting a good deal? And, does your attorney have enough understanding with your case and your inheritance to bring any dispute to an end? To help you finally get your inheritance, close probate? A good one will provide an end game. A strategy. And a hope that your inheritance will be achieved. And that any estate problem or matter will be resolved soon!