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Understanding “Will Contest” in Probate

Will contest. What just happened? Were you cut out of an estate? Thinking about a will contest in a probate? Disinherited from an estate? Not mentioned in the will? What can you do? How do you collect an inheritance? Why do you bring a will contest?

A will contest is filed in a probate court when you are left out of the will improperly or because you think the will is void. A will contest is a challenge to a will. Part of a will or all of the will may not be valid. It involves the filing of a probate lawsuit.

How do you file a will contest? You have to file papers in the probate court and object to the will. Be careful. Sometimes you only have days or months. If there’s no probate, you have to open a probate. If no one will give you a copy of the will, open a probate. If no one will tell you where the money is, open a probate. You may get the answers you’re looking for and maybe, just maybe, an inheritance.