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Florida Trust Lawyer — to help you with administration, litigation, malfeasance, or …..?

Our Attorneys • Dec 4, 2021
post about Florida Trust Lawyer —  to help you with administration, litigation, malfeasance, or …..?

Trust law in Florida is sort of specialized, right? I mean there are special rules and laws. We have previously written about hiring a Florida Trust Lawyer. Now, let’s go a bit deeper and give you another perspective. Whether you are a beneficiary, trustee, or you were cut-out of an inheritance, and need to file a TRUST CONTEST, the following should be helpful.

A Florida trust lawyer may help with understanding a trust, or managing it or litigating it.

How Do I Find the Best?

Many times, wealth in passed along to a trust. You don’t get your inheritance OUTRIGHT.

Your receive money or property in a Florida Trust.

And you have to ask your trustee for money in many cases.

That’s because many trusts give a trustee the DISCRETION to give — or not give— money to you. That’s a lot of power over a lot of money.

Beneficiaries who claim that their trustee is not behaving properly may sue. Many times, those Florida trust lawsuits revolve around whether or not the trustee abused her discretion. For a free video on Trustee Abuse of Discretion, click that phrase.

To read a book about being a Florida Trustee written by trust litigator John Pankauski, Esquire, click HERE.

Find the Florida Trust Lawyer That’s Right For You

Now, no one is telling you to run down to the county clerk’s office and file a trust lawsuit.

But, it may make sense to have a Florida trust lawyer explain how your trustee is doing. How is the trust being managed?

The truth is, many times beneficiaries mistakenly believe their trustee is doing a poor job. And they are not. So, get some independent, objective advice. From a good Florida trust lawyer. And, if you make the decision to sue your trustee, consider hiring an experienced trust litigation firm to handle your suit. But watch out for two things when you start interviewing attorneys.

One, many Florida trust lawyers say they handle lawsuits, but the dirty truth is that they really don’t try cases or handle appeals. That’s right! “I go to court” is a LOT different than “I try trust cases all the time.” Second, some Florida trust lawyers just want to settle. They don’t want to go to court. If that’s what you are looking for, that’s understandable. But, if you want an aggressive trust litigator, have your eyes wide open and ask lots of questions.

What kind of questions?

  • How many trust appeals have you personally handled in the last year?
  • Have you made law in Florida with trust lawsuits and appeals?
  • Were you involved in any published opinions for trust lawsuits ?
  • How many trust trials did you personally attend during the pandemic?
  • How many witnesses did you call at your last trust trial?

To see a FREE TRUST VIDEO on 3 things to consider when hiring a trust lawyer in Florida, click HERE.

Florida Trust Mismanagement?

Sometimes beneficiaries complain about trust mismanagement.

Is your trustee FIT to be serving as trustee? Can she manage all that money or property? Keep accurate books and records and file proper federal tax forms? Will he share all that information with you?

These are questions that many family members ask when they are new to Florida Trusts. To see a free video on how to remove a Florida trustee for not being “Fit” under the Florida Trust Code, click HERE.

And we are not even going to talk about objecting to the VALIDITY of a trust. That’s an entire different topic that has been discussed PREVIOUSLY.