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How to Hire a Florida Trust Lawyer to Administer the Trust or Handle a Trust Lawsuit

Uncategorized Apr 2, 2019
post about How to Hire a Florida Trust Lawyer to Administer the Trust or Handle a Trust Lawsuit

If you need a Florida trust lawyer, what should you do? Do I need a trust and estates litigator to administer a trust for me? What’s the difference between a probate lawyer and a trust litigation attorney? Why is it important to hire an experienced litigator to represent me in an estate lawsuit?

In this particular blog, we are not talking about West Palm Beach estate planning lawyers. Instead, we are talking about Florida trust lawyers who can administer the trust or fight for you in a trust lawsuit. If you need to hire a Florida trust lawyer, find out what you need first. If you need someone to administer a trust for you, you should hire a lawyer who understands the operation of Florida trusts, and knows how to properly read trust documents. Furthermore, the Palm Beach lawyer you hire should be very familiar with investments and what to do if a trust beneficiary asks for money. Administering a trust requires a very different skill set than litigation. If you are involved in a trust lawsuit, you need a litigator. Hopefully, you will find a litigator who handles TRUST litigation. Remember, trust law in Florida is very unique. In Florida, we have our own trust code and probate rules that apply to Florida probates, estates, and trusts. Your trust litigator should understand these rules and know these important probate statutes. In addition, your trust litigator needs to know Florida Evidence Code, Chapter 90. Specifically, they must know how to introduce evidence, how to examine evidence and how to question and cross examine witnesses. These skills are necessary for a successful probate trial.