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Forged Deeds in Florida

In the News Aug 30, 2021
post about Forged Deeds in Florida

Forgery is serious business. And, in Florida, such allegations are not new or out of the ordinary. Do you know how many people allege that a will or trust was forged? Or, rather, that mom or dad’s signature on a will was a forgery? Understanding the law of forgery is important to winning your case. Perhaps even more so if you are defending a signature or deed that is alleged to be a forgery. So, whether you are claiming a forgery occurred or are answering a Florida forgery lawsuit, here is some helpful insight to your Florida lawsuit. (For a free Florida probate video on whether a will is a forgery, simply click HERE.) A Forgery….. really? So, if you ask any serious, experienced, probate trial lawyer, what would they say? They would say that very few forgeries are proven. Maybe because in most cases, clear and convincing evidence is required to prove a forgery. Maybe because forgery is such a brazen act, right? Often times, forgeries are not alleged (discovered) until one passes away. I mean it’s rare for a living person to learn that her signature was forged. One of the best ways to learn a lot about a legal topic quickly to is read appellate opinions. You know, cases. What judges write. To read a 2017 Florida appellate court opinion on forgery, CLICK HERE. But in many cases, that’s exactly what happens. Mom or dad die in Florida. There’s a deed going to someone. And family members […]


Will Forgery Florida — what you need to know

FAQs Aug 30, 2021
post about Will Forgery Florida — what you need to know

Do you believe a will was forged? Or a signature to the will was? If so, you may only have a limited time to act. How will you exercise your rights or make your claim? To view a FREE WILL FORGERY FLORIDA video, click HERE. To learn more about this topic, including an important appellate opinion on Florida forgery law, keep reading. Appellate Case On September 6, 2017, Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal issued an important opinion. While it is not a will or trust case, it tells you “all” you need to know about forgery in Florida. Bennet v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Services, Inc. goes into depth explaining this topic. But wait, there’s more! If you want to read a will case that explains and discusses the requirements for signing and witnessing a will, click HERE. The case of Jordan v. Fehr is from the 1st District Court of Appeal. It is a 2005 appellate opinion dealing with a will appeal. Will Forgery Florida If a will is not executed with the formalities required by the Florida Probate Code, it is not valid. And any document such as a will or trust which is forged is not valid. When someone comes forth with a will, how do you know the signature is valid? Well, usually you have witnesses and a notary and a self-proving affidavit. But, you have to tell the court what is the product of a forgery. Is the signature of the now deceased Florida resident […]


Interpleader Contingency Lawyer

Firm News Aug 29, 2021
post about Interpleader Contingency Lawyer

An interpleader contingency lawyer may be the “car” that drives you to the courthouse door ! (Keys to the courthouse door? Perhaps….) And gets you your inheritance. IF you can find one. After all, there are not a lot of lawyers who take inheritance or interpleader cases on a contingency fee basis. And, if you do find one, how do you know that they have the experience and aggressiveness that most consumers want? To learn about interpleader lawyers, you can read more by clicking HERE. To consider more about finding a contingency fee lawyer or learning more about how this may assist you with your case, keeping reading. What is Interpleader? Interpleader is an action or lawsuit by a “stakeholder.” The stakeholder typically has possession of money or property or funds. What kind of funds? Think millions and millions (no exaggeration !!) of dollars in Florida life insurance proceeds. And IRAs. Mutual funds. Bank Accounts. Brokerage and financial accounts. A typical stakeholder is an insurance company, or annuity company or mutual fund company or bank. When there are competing claims to the money, the stakeholder asks a court to deposit the money with the court. With the court’s registry. And they want to go and be done. All that’s left is for the family members, heirs, beneficiaries (or others) to fight it out. In the end, a judge will tell you who inherits. When Does an Interpleader Contingency Lawyer Make Sense? Legal services are expensive. Let’s face it. Aggressive or […]


Florida Interpleader Lawyer

Our Attorneys Aug 29, 2021
post about Florida Interpleader Lawyer

Did you get notice of an interpleader action? Life insurance policy proceeds? Bank account? IRA or mutual funds? If you did, you only have a limited time to make your claim to the money. Understanding how to make your claim and prepare for victory can involve finding an experienced Florida interpleader lawyer. We have previously written about federal court interpleader. Now, let’s talk a bit more about this important topic. After all, you only get one chance. Talking to the Stakeholder and Making a Claim Most “stakeholders” like insurance companies don’t want to get involved in litigation. They have the insurance proceeds or annuity. When there is a doubt about who inherits those funds, they can interplead those funds into a Florida court registry. Having a lawyer who can talk to the company’s lawyers can help. Often, you can find out how much is at stake and get statements and information quickly. And then the people can make their claims without the insurance or annuity company involved. Who? Like heirs, beneficiaries and family members who believe they inherit the IRA or bank account or death proceeds. Interpleader actions can occur in state court and federal court. In exchange for “getting rid of the money” the “stakeholder” seeks to be discharged and removed from the case. That just leaves the family members or heirs to make their claims. Florida Interpleader Lawyer Ask any experienced interpleader attorney and they will tell you that literally millions of dollars are on the line. “I […]


Federal Court Interpleader– will you get the insurance money?

FAQs Aug 29, 2021
post about Federal Court Interpleader– will you get the insurance money?

Did you get served with a federal court interpleader suit? Somebody, most probably a financial company, wants to put money into the court registry. Insurance proceeds? Annuity? Bank account? Whether you inherit or can make a claim may depend on how you act and handle this unique type of lawsuit. To understand what this is all about, keep reading. For free Florida legal commentary on interpleader law in general, check it out by CLICKING HERE. What is Federal Court Interpleader? Interpleader is an action where someone with property wants to get rid of it. And avoid any liability. Or avoid spending more time or money dealing with “who gets it.” Interpleader actions are filed in both Florida state courts and also Federal Courts. In Florida, literally millions and millions of dollars are subject of interpleader actions. Insurance policy proceeds, IRAs, bank accounts, annuities, financial accounts. You name it. It’s common that a life insurance or annuity company or bank is holding a lot of money. And there may be competing claims. In other words, there’s a question of who inherits it. And potential litigation. What does the “stakeholder” do? State and federal law permit the life insurance death proceeds or the annuity to be deposited into the federal court registry. The stakeholder wants to be discharged or relieved of liability. The money is left there to be resolved by those who make a claim to it. But your claim needs to be based upon the law and filed properly with […]


Waiver of Arbitration Florida

In the News Aug 24, 2021
post about Waiver of Arbitration Florida

Faced with a motion to compel arbitration? On August 18, 2021, an appellate opinion was rendered dealing with waiver of arbitration in Florida. If you are involved in a lawsuit, and arbitration is discussed, you want to read this case. To read more FREE FLORIDA LEGAL COMMENTARY about arbitration in Florida, CLICK HERE. What? Many contracts from corporations have a mandatory arbitration clause. Arbitration is a private court with a private judge. No cameras no public access. No jury trial. Those clauses in contracts generally state that any disputes have to go arbitration. NOT state or federal court. There are different ways to handle an arbitration. Your contract can spell out those rules, or rely on rules and procedures from organizations like AAA or JAMS. While many people like the “private” nature of arbitration, experienced trial lawyers may provide greater insight. Advantages? I think that a real trial attorney would tell you that there are not a lot of cost or fee savings with an arbitration vs. a trial in a Florida court. State or federal. In court, you don’t pay the judge. In arbitration, you pay the arbitrator, anywhere from about $500- $800 an hour. Some contracts require you to have a panel of 3 arbitrators! Big arbitration bill for the arbitrators. And in Florida state court, seniors can try to get an expedited trial. So, is arbitration really faster and less expensive? If a lawsuit is filed, the defendant may try to force you to arbitration. Deciding if […]


Florida Civil Theft Law– everything you need to know

Our Firm Aug 22, 2021
post about Florida Civil Theft Law– everything you need to know

Did someone take your property? You may be able to seek TRIPLE (treble) damages, plus interest, plus attorneys fees. Here’s everything you need to know about Florida Civil Theft Law. For a brief free legal video on DAMAGES and calculating damages, click HERE. The Statute You MUST Read on Civil Theft ! Florida Statute 772.11 is the “begin and end” of Florida Civil Theft Law. Read it here for free by a simple CLICK. To be thorough, read the entire Chapter 772. It does not take long and you will learn a lot about this. Don’t have time? Read the bullet point highlights below. Everything You Need To Know in Plain English + Few Words This law only applies to one of the crimes on the list in 772.11 . Pre suit demand is a requirement You can’t receive punitive damages if you prevail So, your probate or trust litigator needs to analyze whether you want to try to get trebel damages or DON’T SUE FOR CIVIL THEFT but seek punitive damages. But………………….can you plead in the alternative? Attorneys fees and costs can go to the winner — including the DEFENDANT under certain circumstances Can you prove your case by CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE? Can I Use This Law for POA or Florida Trust Cases? Can you use this law if your trustee is stealing from you? Yes ! To see a free trust video on trustees stealing, click HERE. The statute can definitely be used against Florida Trustees who […]


Civil Theft Florida

In the News Aug 22, 2021
post about Civil Theft Florida

Triple damages, interest and attorneys fees. There is a LOT at stake in a civil theft Florida lawsuit. Read more about this topic and an August 18, 2021 opinion from a Florida appeals court that discusses entitlement to attorneys fees. Why Civil Theft? Florida’s civil theft law permits a civil recovery of damages for certain crime victims. And also financial exploitation of the elderly. But be careful. There are only certain crimes that you can recover civil damages for. Read Chapter 812 of the Florida Statutes. Those statutes deal with theft, robbery and crimes. There is an entire set of laws on getting civil remedies or damages against someone who commits a crime against you. You can read the Civil Theft Statute for free by clicking HERE. Civil theft laws do have special rules. For example, you can only get damages in a civil lawsuit for certain crimes. Read 812.012- 812.037 and 825.103(1). For a free legal video on damages, and interest in Florida civil theft cases, CLICK HERE. Civil Theft Florida in Trust and Estate Cases Is it possible for a family member or beneficiary to sue a trustee or another wrongdoer for civil theft in an estate or trust? The answer is yes. Our appellate courts use the term defalcation when describing a trustee who improperly takes trust property. And estate executors in Florida probates have the same duties as a Florida trustee. But, experienced probate litigators caution, have your eyes wide open. “Proving civil theft is not […]


Florida Fraud on the Court

Probate Information Aug 21, 2021
post about Florida Fraud on the Court

An August, 2021 appellate opinion tells you all about Florida fraud on the court. What do you need to know to prove your case? We have previously provided Florida legal commentary about probate fraud. For a free video on CIVIL THEFT, click HERE. Understanding This Legal Concept — lying and motions What is Florida fraud on the court? Well, let’s start with fraud. What is fraud in Florida? Think of fraud as a lie. A really bad mis-representation. Meant to deceive. In come contexts, like fiduciaries — like trustees— fraud can be constructive fraud. That’s when one has a duty to disclose or provide information, but they don’t. In Florida, there are many types of frauds and many rules. Fraud on the court, however, is a different type of fraud. If you believe that someone has lied to the court, to the judge, or to you, consider filing a proper motion. A motion has to have the specific lies or frauds and must list why the other side is lying. And what the court should do because of those lies. What do you need to know? Fraud on the Court in Florida On August 18, 2021, the 3rd District Court of Appeal released its opinion. Chess v. Sweeney This case dealt with Florida Fraud on the Court. For those who have been lied to in court, you may want to read this case. You may also want to file a motion and alert the judge to this. Below is a […]


Interpleader Attorney Florida

Our Attorneys Aug 18, 2021
post about Interpleader Attorney Florida

Did you just get notice of a federal court interpleader? If you are wondering why you have not received an annuity or life insurance proceeds, read on. You’ll learn all about what an interpleader attorney Florida does. And how you may inherit millions. We have previously written about federal court litigation. Notably, how probate matters don’t go to federal court. Now, learn how federal court may be the place to claim your inherited annuity or insurance money. And also consider recent state court Florida interpleader actions. What is Interpleader? Interpleader is a lawsuit or a court filing or “action.” It involves someone who has property belonging to another. That someone who is in possession of the property is referred to as a “stakeholder.” The stakeholder may have artwork, jewels, death proceeds or insurance proceeds from a life insurance policy. Or, simply annuity proceeds. Literally millions and millions of dollars are the subject of interpleader actions filed in Florida state courts. And also federal court in Florida. An experienced interpleader attorney Florida will have results from both state court and federal court. The purpose of such an action is to have the stakeholder properly deposit ( i.e. get rid of) the property in their hands. The those making claims for the annuity or life insurance can “fight” it out. And the court will decide who inherits the insurance or annuity. Interpleader Attorney Florida Generally speaking, the “plaintiff” to the action simply wants to deposit the property or money or funds and […]