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Interpleader Attorney Florida

Our Attorneys • Aug 18, 2021
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Did you just get notice of a federal court interpleader? If you are wondering why you have not received an annuity or life insurance proceeds, read on. You’ll learn all about what an interpleader attorney Florida does. And how you may inherit millions. We have previously written about federal court litigation. Notably, how probate matters don’t go to federal court. Now, learn how federal court may be the place to claim your inherited annuity or insurance money. And also consider recent state court Florida interpleader actions.

Your interpleader attorney Florida should be comfortable in federal court.

What is Interpleader?

Interpleader is a lawsuit or a court filing or “action.” It involves someone who has property belonging to another. That someone who is in possession of the property is referred to as a “stakeholder.” The stakeholder may have artwork, jewels, death proceeds or insurance proceeds from a life insurance policy. Or, simply annuity proceeds. Literally millions and millions of dollars are the subject of interpleader actions filed in Florida state courts. And also federal court in Florida. An experienced interpleader attorney Florida will have results from both state court and federal court. The purpose of such an action is to have the stakeholder properly deposit ( i.e. get rid of) the property in their hands. The those making claims for the annuity or life insurance can “fight” it out. And the court will decide who inherits the insurance or annuity.

Interpleader Attorney Florida

Generally speaking, the “plaintiff” to the action simply wants to deposit the property or money or funds and go. They are not interested in hanging around. Whether or not you can claim your inheritance in state or federal court depends on who gets the property. In the case of a Florida resident who passed away, you may end up having to go to probate court. That’s right ! You may need to deal with your inheritance in both the federal court and a state court. Luckly, family members, beneficiaries and heirs can learn a lot about this topic. You “only” have to read three things. First, read Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.240. Second consider reading two Florida appellate opinions on interpleader. Read the 2nd District Court of Appeal opinion in Red Beryl, Inc. v. Sarasota Vault Depository, Inc.. That was a 2015 opinion. Next, consider reading an opinion. Brock v. Bowein. These cases will discuss and teach you all about this Florida legal topic. Including who is a stakeholder. And what you have to show for an interpleader action.