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Widow Loses Her Probate Battle to Inherit From Millionaire Husband

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2016
post about Widow Loses Her Probate Battle to Inherit From Millionaire Husband

An inheritance/estate battle in France has been reported about by many media sources. Sandrine Devillard, the widow of Marcel Amphoux, challenged a will that was written on an envelope. This will said that she would not inherit from her wealthy husband’s estate. The Daily Mail reports that Amphoux was a French hermit who lived in a hut with no electricity and no teeth. When beautiful Devillard from Paris, who was 25 years younger than Amphoux, married him, rumors stirred questioning whether it was legitimate or whether Devillard was after his wealth. When the will appeared ,which kept Amphoux’s fortune from his widow, Devillard tried to argue that it wasn’t her husbands hand writing. However, the court decided that it WAS valid. Although this inheritance dispute was not a Florida probate matter, Palm Beach trust and estates lawyers frequently encounter similar cases. What makes a will valid? In Florida, would this will have been a valid will?

Fla. Stat. 732.502 “Execution of Wills.”

This statute contains the requirements needed to properly execute a Florida will. It is important to hire a trustworthy estate planning lawyer to ensure that your Florida will is properly executed.Otherwise, your Palm Beach estate may end up being given to someone who you did not want to give it to. Does a will have to be in writing? Yes! The statute says that you have to sign your will at the end. Probate lawyers in Boca Raton know that this may be more complicated than you think.This is because you can have writing after your signature as long as you created that writing before you signed it. Are you confused? Contact your West Palm Beach estate planning lawyer for clarification. What else is required? To read the entire statute, click here.