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Why Should I Have a Florida Will?

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019
post about Why Should I Have a Florida Will?

In Florida, if you die without a will, you are dying intestate. This means that your wealth will pass to your heirs. Who are heirs? If you have a spouse and children, they will probably inherit. However, sometimes the people who Florida Law considers to be heirs are not the people you want to inherit from you. According to a February 8,2017 New York Times article, only 42% of American adults have a will.  However, Florida probate lawyers know that getting a will drafted by an estate planning lawyer can be a simple and affordable process.

The article discusses the importance of having a will. A properly drafted Florida will can insure that your money and assets are distributed the way you would like them to be distributed. Although, someone could potentially hire a trust and estates litigator and attempt to contest the will.  If you have a will, you can specify very important things, like who will become the legal guardian of your children if you were to pass away. The article states that, according to the surveys, only 36% of adults with minor children have a will. This seems crazy! However, probate attorneys in West Palm Beach understand that no one likes to think about death. Therefore, as the article states, a lot of people just haven’t gotten around to contacting an estate planning attorney.

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