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Why Hire a Probate Lawyer when There are Will Websites? Can a Website Make a Valid Florida Estate Plan?

Uncategorized Dec 7, 2015
post about Why Hire a Probate Lawyer when There are Will Websites? Can a Website Make a Valid Florida Estate Plan?

Are you currently drafting a simple Florida estate plan? Your number  one goal should be to avoid Florida probate litigation that could eat up the entire estate in litigation fees. Before you go to a simple legal services website you should consider what a Florida trust lawyer or a Florida estate lawyer bring to the table. Here are a few things a legal services website likely will not (or cannot tell you). 

No Website is a Lawyer

  • A website may have lawyers on retainer but it is not a West Palm Beach probate law firm.
  • Estate lawyers in Florida know the rules of probate and are prepared to offer legal advice which is something a non-lawyer cannot do. 
  • I am not just saying that you are not going to get good advice from a non-lawyer, I am saying it is illegal for a non-lawyer to provide legal advice in Florida.
  • To learn more, google unlicensed practice of law Florida. 
  • Do you have a probate litigation attorney giving you advice or is it just a website?

Websites Do Not Consider the Intricacies of an Estate Plan

  • Do you need a simple will?
  • Maybe a trust would be better?
  • These are not simple questions and the answers require not just an understanding of Florida probate law but also an understanding of your unique situation.
  • Florida probate lawyers know the questions to ask to figure out what you need from an estate plan.
  • That is something that comes with experience.
  • Have you talked to a Florida estate lawyer and told them you are remarried or that you have children with special needs?
  • These are the things that go into consideration when making your estate plan. 
  • Probate attorneys Florida know there is no such thing as a one size fits all estate plan.
  • That estate plan probably fits as good as a one size fits all suit- baggy for some and to tight for others.
  • Trust the experienced, and get an estate plan that is tailored, to fit you!
  • Have you talked to Florida estate attorneys?
  • Have they explained the difference between a basic will you buy offline and a comprehensive estate plan in Delray Beach?
  • Learn the difference.

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