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Who Will Inherit DJ Aviici’s Fortune?

Uncategorized May 15, 2018
post about Who Will Inherit DJ Aviici’s Fortune?

According to an April 26,2018 Rolling Stones article, the renowned Dj known as “Avicci” passed away. Who will inherit DJ Avicci’s millions of dollars in earnings? Did Aviici save his millions or spend it all? Who are his heirs? What does his estate plan, if he has one, say? Will his parents inherit? These are all questions that probate lawyers worldwide want to know. 

Now that Avicci is deceased, will a fight break out over who will inherit from his estate? Probate litigators know that family feuds are common in the probate world, especially when there is no estate plan in place. Hopefully, Aviici took the time to meet with an estate planning lawyer to create a will or trust. The Rolling Stones article states that, by 2014, Avicci had earned $28 million from his career as a DJ-producer. What will happen to these millions? To read the entire article about the unfortunate death of Avicci, click here.