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Undue Influence Lawyer Florida

FAQs • Nov 18, 2021
post about Undue Influence Lawyer Florida

Need an undue influence lawyer Florida? Understanding this legal concept can assist in finding an experienced attorney for your will contest or trust contest. To see a free video on undue influence, you can click HERE. To read more about undue influence, click HERE. Now, let’s discuss this topic in light of a November 17, 2021 opinion from the Miami-Dade Appellate Court.

A good undue influence lawyer Florida will actually try your case or handle your appeal. Unlike some other Florida probate lawyers who just want to settle every case and not go to trial. What kind of lawyer do you want?

What is Undue Influence?

Undue influence is a form of fraud that can cause a will or trust to be void.

If someone caused a will or trust to be signed by undue influence, it’s void.

Undue influence is over-pursuasion, force, coercion. Pressure. When that pressure or force or influence is so great, the “undue-influencer’s” desire and intent replace the victim’s.

To read more about this legal topic, click HERE.

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Recent Appellate Opinion Undue Influence Lawyer Florida

On November 17, 2021, the 3rd District Court of Appeal issues its opinion in the case of In Re: Estate of Tien. You can read that opinion for free .

That case dealt with related issues involving a challenge to the will, a voluntary dismissal and a caveat.