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Miami Guardianship Litigation and the Removal of Rights

What We Do • Dec 16, 2020

If I am subject of a guardianship in Miami, does that mean I do not have the right to make any decisions for myself? Miami guardianship litigation is serious business and it’s booming !! (for good or for ill, right?) What rights can a guardianship take away from a person deemed incapacitated in Florida? What is a ward in a Florida guardianship? All of these are good and serious questions which experienced Guardianship Litigators deal with in court every day. Can a ward get married? Can a ward vote? Can a ward hire his or her own attorney? Guardianships are serious as certain rights can be taken away from a person deemed incapacitated. If you are considering petitioning for guardianship over someone, you may want to read Florida Statute 744.3215. Florida Guardianship Law 744.3215 This Florida statute is very important as it outlines the rights a person determined incapacitated retains and which rights can be removed. Here are rights that can be removed by a guardianship court in Florida: 1) right to marry 2) right to enter into a contract 3) right to vote 4) right to personally apply for government benefits 5) right to have a driver license 6) right to travel 7) right to seek or retain employment 4) right to sue and defend lawsuits 5) right to manage property or to make any gift or disposition of property 6) right to determine his or her residence 7) right to consent to medical and mental health treatment 8) right make […]