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Civil Theft Florida — + 3x Damages

In the News Apr 22, 2019
post about Civil Theft Florida — + 3x Damages

Is someone you know the victim of civil theft in Florida? Have funds been embezzled from a Florida trust or bank account? Many times, heirs and family members want to know what happened to their inheritance. Understanding your rights to your inheritance is important. Here’s more information about this unique legal remedy. It is SERIOUS stuff. Do you have the stomach to handle it?

Civil theft Florida — are you sure ?

Civil Theft Florida — can you handle the risk?

  • Florida law says if you commit a crime, you can be sued civilly !
  • Are you ready to collect and exercise your rights?
  • Now, the this law comes with risks + rewards
  • Like all litigation matters, no one– I mean NO ONE– has a crystal ball
  • Would you risk being assessed with attorneys fees if you lose?
  • One such remedy is an action for civil theft Florida when funds have been stolen
  • Can you use this in West Palm Beach probate court?
  • When a trustee comingles or pilfers funds, is that civil theft?
  • For more information, why don’t you start with the law: Florida Statutes 772.11
  • What about when the personal representative takes funds that she is not entitled to?

Recent Case + 1 Law

OK, so you want to read more about this law? This “right of recovery?”

You can read this 3rd District Court of Appeal opinion in the case of Bailey v. Covington. This is an April 7, 2021 opinion. So, it’s recent and pertinent. Is your probate lawyer up on this?

And the statute, or law, you already know about. Because it’s been “linked” twice in this blog. Here it is for a third time. Don’t be lazy. It’s a MUST READ.

Still wondering how you get triple damages? Read the law ! And talk to a serious, no BS litigator who actually tries cases.