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Guardianship Litigation

Guardianship of Property Litigation Attorneys

Who is going to control your loved ones’ decisions and wealth when they are vulnerable?

Guardianship of property, assets, income, investments and estate is a serious matter. As the population of Florida continues to age, there is an increased risk that a loved one will be exploited due to advanced age.

Thankfully, there exists a legal tool – the guardianship – that allows those at risk of elder abuse to be protected by the efforts of their friends or family. A guardianship grants a person control over the personal decisions or property of a mentally or physically incapacitated loved one, allowing the person to keep the loved one and their wealth safe.

Experienced Advocates To Help You Protect Your Loved Ones And Their Assets

At Pankauski Lazarus PLLC, we understand that the decision to seek or contest a guardianship is not made lightly. We can guide you as you make the tough, but correct, decision to protect your loved one, and we do everything we can to make the legal process move as smoothly as possible.

We do this by drawing on our extensive litigation experience. We are focused solely on litigation, so we are in the courtroom on a regular basis. Our lawyers use their time-tested trial skills to serve as strong advocates for you and your family and to help you protect your loved ones.

Florida Guardianship and Estate Litigation Lawyers

A guardian is a court-appointed fiduciary who must act solely in the interests of an incapacitated person. We guide our clients through the guardianship process and take the time to answer questions that they have. Some of the guardianship-related topics frequently discussed include:

  • The guardianship process typically begins when children or spouses begin to fight over control of a mentally or physically incapacitated parent or spouse.
  • The court can grant partial or total authority (control) to a guardian of the incapacitated loved one (known as the ward).
  • A guardian of a person may control the medical choices and living decisions of a person. This may include things such as what medical treatment will be administered and whether the person will be allowed to drive, choose a residence, vote or marry.
  • A guardian of property controls a ward’s assets and wealth, including how or if assets should be used or sold.
  • Guardianships are closely tied to issues of validity related to powers of attorney. Our comprehensive understanding of guardianship and estate law allows us to explain these interactions and how they affect a guardianship petition.

If another family member, who you believe would be an unfit guardian, is seeking control over your loved one, or your loved one’s wealth, you may need assertive litigators on your side. If you are an interested person, we can help you raise facts and legal issues in court in an effort to represent your views and protect your loved ones and their wealth.

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