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Miami Probate Lawyers Zoom to Courthouse

Uncategorized • Jan 20, 2021
post about Miami Probate Lawyers Zoom to Courthouse

Wondering how Miami probate lawyers are helping clients in 2021 during the pandemic? Not to worry. While in-person appearances are rare in the Miami Dade probate court today, Miami probate lawyers may attend court hearings from their office. All they need to do is Zoom !

With Covid-19, the Miami Dade probate court has adjusted to the pandemic by holding hearings via video. Miami probate lawyers may now attend court hearings via Zoom.

Florida Probate Courts Adjust to Law In a Pandemic

Probate courts in Florida are probably some of the busiest in the nation ! After all, Florida is a large state, filled with wealthy residents. People continue to retire and move to the Sunshine State. Not only do Florida probate courts handle estates of deceased residents, but they also handle trust lawsuits and guardianships. Lots of work.

So, you may be wondering how work can get done on a Florida estate or trust during the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, Florida courts, including the Miami probate court, have adjusted very well, and very quickly. One way that Miami probate lawyers have continued to help their clients with estates, probates and trusts is by attending hearings by Zoom.

Yes, even though most probate courts have limited in-person appearances, many probate court judges in Miami Dade County permit hearings via Zoom— a videoconference, online platform that permits hearings, testimony, witnesses and the presentation of documents and other evidence. For free Miami Dade probate forms, click here:

Zoom Video Conferences in Miami Probates

And while Miami probate lawyers are content to attend court hearings via their computer, probate litigators are still going to court for in-person trials. “I had two, multi-day, in person trials during 2020’s pandemic” says Florida probate litigator John Pankauski, who handles estates in Miami-Dade County, Broward and Palm Beach. “We had an estate trial on the validity of a prenuptial agreement in July. In November, we had a week long undue influence trial. Everyone wore masks.” But, not every important hearing is done in person. Pankauski says that other lawyers in his firm have had evidentiary hearings via Zoom, where witnesses were called and documents shared online (via videoconference), compared to the “traditional” way of being in the probate court.

Courts Are Open for Business. The courts are open, but the work being done is limited. Trials are going forward, limitedly, and depending on the county and the division. So, if you are trying to administer a probate or a overturn a will, ask your Miami probate lawyer if she is attending hearings by Zoom and how long they think your case will go until it’s finished. Oh, and don’t expect Zoom probate court hearings to go away once this pandemic ends (if it does). Estate attorneys and judges alike seem to like the ease-of-use and convenience of computer hearings.