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Illinois Probate Appeal: Creditor Denied Claim in Probate Court After Filing in Separate Court for Foreclosure

Uncategorized Dec 8, 2015
post about Illinois Probate Appeal: Creditor Denied Claim in Probate Court After Filing in Separate Court for Foreclosure

Are you currently serving as the personal representative of a Florida  estate that is embroiled in Florida probate litigation? Often times probate litigation can spill into other Court’s as well and you may end up asking your Florida trust lawyer if they can also help you in a foreclosure action! That is what happened in this recent case out of Illinois, check it out to learn more. 

Fighting Off Creditors

  • Estate lawyers in Florida know that creditors come from all over to try and get their piece of the West Palm Beach estate.
  • It is the job of the probate litigation attorney to stave off those creditors to get you the maximum inheritance. 
  • That being said there are also going to be a Florida probate lawyer on the other side. trying to get the most they can for their client, the creditor.
  • Is your Florida estate lawyer up to snuff and ready to take on the creditors’ lawyers.
  • Lets hope so.
  • Experienced probate attorneys in Palm Beach know what it takes to win the probate lawsuit and keep the money for the heirs.
  • If you are unsure what the estate owes talk to Probate attorneys Florida to get the answers you need to get the estate probate process finished up.
  • Also keep in mind that those creditors are going to come from every angle possible.
  • For example, check out this recent case out of Illinois where the creditor went up against the estate in two courts.
  • What two courts?

In re Estate of Nardoni

  • This was an appeal from the probate court for Illinois’ Fifth Division.
  • A bank was a creditor of the person’s estate and they made a bit of a mistake.
  • Eager to get paid out of estate funds they decided to sue in both the probate court as creditors and also decided to foreclose on the property that the credit secured.
  • West Palm Beach probate litigators know that one of the faster moving Court dockets in South Florida is the foreclosure calendar.
  • Needless to say the foreclosure went through fine, and quickly.
  • Now what?
  • In probate court they lost their claim because it had already been satisfied by the foreclosure!
  • This is why a good litigation plan is paramount to winning a West Palm Beach probate lawsuit. 

Want to learn more?

Check out the entire case by clicking here. 

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