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If I’m a Felon, Can I Serve as the Personal Representative of a Florida Estate?

Uncategorized Apr 2, 2019
post about If I’m a Felon, Can I Serve as the Personal Representative of a Florida Estate?

In Florida, can I be personal representative if I was convicted of a felony? What if I was convicted of a misdemeanor? Under Florida probate law, what are the qualifications to become a personal representative? What do all West Palm Beach probate lawyers need to know about felonies and probate litigation?

What Qualifications are needed to be a West Palm Beach Personal Representative?

Florida Statute 733.303 states who cannot be a personal representative of a Florida estate.To be a personal representative, you must be over the age of 18 and have mental capacity.You must also be a Florida resident unless you are related to the person.The only non-residents who are qualified are your grandparents or any descendants thereof, your adopted children or adopted parent, your spouse or her relatives or the spouse of any of those listed.In addition, you cannot be a convicted felon.A personal representative who knows or should know that they are no longer qualified to serve must promptly notify the West Palm Beach court by serving a notice setting forth the reasons for the inability. Are there exceptions to these qualifications?What if I am the only heir of the estate?A trust and estates litigator West Palm Beach can help you to answer these questions. You can also read Florida Statute 733.303 in its entirety by clicking here.