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How long does a Florida guardianship last? (new video on Palm Beach guardianships)

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2014
post about How long does a Florida guardianship last? (new video on Palm Beach guardianships)

If you are wondering: How long does a Palm Beach guardianship last, you may wish to watch a new, free Palm Beach guardianship video. Here is the link for the guardianship Palm Beach video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1w82dxWnOY&feature=youtu.be

Things to Remember About Palm Beach Guardianships

  1. Guardianship courts Palm Beach will do what they believe is in the best interests of the Ward: the person who is the subject of the guardianship.  A guardianship Florida can last for the lifetime of the person: until they pass away. Remember: guardianships can be expensive.
  2. Probate judges –that is, guardianship judges Florida–will make the call and rule on all aspects of any Florida guardian matters
  3. Guardianships are serious stuff, since you are talking about a Florida citizen’s human rights and civil liberties, in addition to who will run their money and administer their property.  Who will decide where the person shall live and who he or she sees and socializes or does not socialize with ?  Who will be in charge of all the money?
  4. A guardian will only serve as long as the probate court West Palm Beach believes it is in the best interests of a Ward
  5. If someone lost capacity, that is, if someone was incapacitated, perhaps due todementia or Alzheimer’s disease and needs a guardian, if they regain capacity, the guardianship may be limited, diminished or ended
  6. How can someone need a guardian one day and not need one the next?
  7. Sometimes, people bounce back, such as with the treatment of dementia. Once you get the correct level of medication, and treatment, some people sufferering from dementiacan actually improve greatly.  Finding the right medications and dosage for people suffering from dementia is key and it is not always easy.  Although some memory loss may be irreversible, the right treatment can work wonders.  I know: my Mom suffered from dementia when she moved to West Palm Beach.
  8. Don’t forget: guardianships in Palm Beach can be limited, or focussed, or full time and total
  9. A guardian will be charged with protecting the person and property of someone who needs assistance
  10. A guardian is a fiduciary under Florida guardian law
  11. The role of the probate judge Palm Beach Gardens, the guardian litigators, and everyone else in the Palm Beach guardianship for that matter, should be to assist the person, the Ward, who needs assistance, and protection.   What is in the best interests of the Ward (not the family members fighting with their guardianship litigation law firms Palm Beach County.)