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How Do I Appeal an Award of Attoneys Fees in a Florida Probate

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019
post about How Do I Appeal an Award of Attoneys Fees in a Florida Probate

The trust and estates lawyers at Pankauski Hauser frequently get calls from prospective clients who are family members of a decedent. For example, they are beneficiaries of an estate or Florida probate.These prospects are calling our probate litigation firm because they are outraged at the amount of fees that their probate lawyers are taking. Furthermore, they are usually upset with orders that have been entered regarding an attorneys fee request or motion by an attorney for the estate or the probate. Can you appeal this?

Yes, you can hire an appellate lawyer to represent you in a probate appeal. However, it is important to understand that there is a limited time to appeal. You should also understand Florida Appellate Rule 9.170. Those are the rules of appellate procedures in Florida. That particular rule relates specifically to probate and guardianship appeals. Within this specific statute, there is specific subsection about a probate appeal regarding the award of attorneys fees. To read the entire statute, click here. For more information regarding probate appeals in Florida, consider talking to a law firm that limits its practice to estate litigation, and has a Board Certified Appellate Attorney on staff.  For a FREE consultation with the managing partner at Pankauski Hauser, call (561)514-0900 Ext.101.