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Heirs, Family and a Minor Child Versus the Girlfriend: who inherits in this Florida estate dispute?

Uncategorized Oct 3, 2013

Florida probate lawyers are often involved in family inheritance “fights” or disputes.   Florida probate litigators argue and advocate on behalf of people who may be related by blood or money.   There are often times disagreements and disputes and trials in Florida probate matters and Florida estates.   Who should win in a Florida estate dispute:  the dead person’s girlfriend or his minor child?  So……who inherits in Florida when the person who died had a handwritten will from another state?   Florida does not recognize handwritten wills.  But other states do.  What if that handwritten will was valid in another state?  Must Florida recognize it?  Consider a handwritten will in another state that is valid and which leaves Florida property and money to a girlfriend, and, say, nothing to the dead person’s minor child.    Can the minor child, or the minor child’s guardian or probate attorney, argue that since Florida does not recognize handwritten wills, the Florida property “goes” to the dead person’s “heirs” under Florida’s intestacy statute? In other words, should the family, the heirs, or, in this example, the minor child inherit ?  Or should the girlfriend win?    There is a case, right now, that is going on with similar facts involving a handwritten will, a girlfriend and a minor child.  For a copy of the case, please email michelle@pankauskilawfirm.com.  Advocate hard. Litigate smart.