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Having Transcripts of Court Hearings and Reviewing Court Orders

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2013

Most litigators insist on having a court reporter present at all court hearings, even the “simple” hearings.   This makes sense since the cost is relatively small and it provides a record of what was said by whom, and what transpired. Seasoned litigators will tell you that some hearings end up dealing with issues not even set for that particular hearing: all the more reason to have a transcript.   It is not uncommon for court’s orders to be reviewed months or even a year or more later, when memories can fade and issues have been “resolved.”  Reviewing court orders, or the interpreting one, may be aided by a hearing transcript which dealt with that order.  If a court wishes to read beyond the plain language of its order, they are probably going to start at pertinent hearing transcripts.  Have a court reporter with you in court: even for the “agreed” matters and “simple” issues.