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Florida Temporary Injunctions, Divorce, and Inheritances

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2018

Do you know what a temporary injunction is? When can you request an injunction in your Florida inheritance or divorce lawsuit? Did you know that an injunction can sometimes be used to stop a trustee from acting without Court permission? Are you entitled to an injunction from the probate court in West Palm Beach? You may want to read a recent Fourth DCA opinion, Olson v. Olson.

An injunction is a special type of Court Order that a civil or probate court can order.This order prevents a party from doing certain acts that they may otherwise lawfully do. For example, if a trustee is about to terminate a trust or cut you off from it, this may be enjoined by the probate court in West Palm Beach. An injunction can be a difficult remedy to get though, and you will have to show a specific right to it to convince the probate court. Experienced Palm Beach probate lawyers know how to get the Court to issue an injunction if one is warranted. Do you know what you will need to include in your motion for an injunction? Do you know whether or not you want a permanent or temporary injunction?

Although Olson v. Olson is not a probate case, it is a family law case dealing with a Florida temporary injunction and an inheritance. Palm Beach trust and estates litigators are very familiar with temporary injunctions. Here, a former husband appeals an order granting a temporary injunction. The appellate court reversed the temporary injunction, in favor of the former husband. To find out why the appellate court made this decision, click here to read the entire case.