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Final Judgment on Interference with Florida Option Contract Reversed (in part) — November 9, 2015 1st DCA appeal

Uncategorized Dec 6, 2015
post about Final Judgment on Interference with Florida Option Contract Reversed (in part) — November 9, 2015 1st DCA appeal

If you are wondering about interference with a Florida contract, you should  read about this real estate lawsuit in Florida which went to the 1st District Court of Appeal.  The case is Howard v. Murray, 40 Fla. L. Weekly D 2532, and the opinion of the 1st DCA is at this link:https://edca.1dca.org/DCADocs/2014/1841/141841_DC08_11092015_105952_i.pdf

Tortuous Interference with a Florida Contract

  • Probate litigation lawyers in West Palm Beach are familiar with the concept, or cause of action, known as tortuous interference with an expectancy, also known as tortuousinterference with inheritance (sometimes spelled “torious”)
  • But did you know that you also can bring a lawsuit if someone messes with yourbusiness deal? Or real estate investment?
  • Commercial litigators Palm Beach refer to this as tortuous interference with a contractual right or tortuous interference with a business relationship
  • The idea is about the same in the business litigation context as it is in the probate litigation context: the law provides a remedy if you behave badly and wrongly interferewith someone’s business dealing or inheritance
  • The law, both the Florida probate laws and also the business laws of Florida, provide legal remedies for beneficiaries and business persons who are damaged because someone else messed with your dealings and expectations

Complex Business Litigation at Trial Court

  • In this appeal, there was review of a number of rulings at the trial court, which heard thisFlorida business litigation case
  • The Summary Judgment was affirmed by the Florida appeals court
  • The Florida appeals court goes into detail of how an appellate court will review a summary judgment order
  • Perhaps more important to business persons and Florida contract litigation law firms, however, is that the appellate court spelled out the four elements needed to prove tortious interference with a contractual or business relationship
  • This case involved a Florida option contract regarding real estate and the appeals court dealt with issues of deeds and conveyances of real estate
  • To learn more about interference with a business relationship or contractual right in Florida, have your business lawyer Palm Beach read this case