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Does Fidel Castro Have a $900 Million Estate? If so, Who Will Inherit?

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2016
post about Does Fidel Castro Have a $900 Million Estate? If so, Who Will Inherit?

Fidel Castro, best known as Cuba’s former president and communist dictator, died on November 26, 2016.  Forbes reported that Fidel Castro’s net worth could have been $900 million. However, when the original article stating this figure was published in 2006, Castro denied that he had this wealth. In fact, he claimed that he was living off around $50.00 per week. What was he really worth? Who will inherit from his estate? Will they inherit nothing or $900 million? Who are his heirs?

  • A book, written by one of Castro’s ex-bodyguards was published, which revealed that Castro owned 20 mansions.
  • If this is true, he may actually be worth millions!
  • Another article reveals that he may have also owned private islands, yachts and even a cheese factory.
  • The media reports that Castro has at least two living siblings and at least nine children.
  • At the time, it is unclear as to who will inherit and what they will inherit.
  • Did he have a will?
  • If he did not have a will, and had lived in Florida, his wealth would pass according to Florida intestate laws.
  • This means that his heirs would inherit.
  • Trust and estates lawyers in Florida, and around the world, will for sure want to know more about this mysterious estate.
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