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Does a Florida Trustee Owe a Duty of Impartiality to Their Trust Beneficiaries?

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2019

Yes! A Florida trustee owes a duty of impartiality to their trust beneficiaries.Florida Trust Code, section 736.003 is the Florida law that discusses this. What duties do trustees in West Palm Beach have? What is the duty of impartiality? What should West Palm Beach litigation attorneys know about trustee’s duties?

To learn more about the duties of a trustee in Florida, email Amanda@phflorida.com to receive FREE copy of Pankauski Trustees Guide. You can also read Florida Statute 736.003 in its entirety below.

736.0803 Impartiality.

If a trust has two or more beneficiaries, the trustee shall act impartially in administering the trust property, giving due regard to the beneficiaries’ respective interests.