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David Cassidy’s Florida Estate

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2017
post about David Cassidy’s Florida Estate

On November 22, 2017, CNN reported that David Cassidy had passed away after being admitted to a hospital in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. It is said that the 67 year old was suffering from organ failure and dementia before his death. Cassidy is best known for his role as a “70’s teen heartthrob” on the renowned show “The Partridge Family”.  He left behind two children and other family members, including siblings. Who will inherit from his Florida estate? Who will inherit Cassidy’s waterfront property? Did Cassidy have a Florida trust or will? Which probate law firm will the beneficiaries of Cassidy’s estate hire? These are all questions with answers that still remain unknown.

In Florida, if someone passes away without a will, they have died intestate. If Cassidy died intestate, which probably isn’t the case, his heirs would inherit. Cassidy had two daughters. If he had a will or trust drafted by a Florida estate planning attorney, his estate will be distributed according to those documents. This is assuming the documents are valid. With large Florida estates, there is often probate litigation. This is because beneficiaries or family members tend to contest wills and disagree with each other, the personal representative, or the trustee. Will trust and estates litigation occur during the probate process of Cassidy’s Fort Lauderdale estate? West Palm Beach estate attorneys know that we will soon find out! To read the entire CNN article regarding Cassidy’s death, click here.