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Civil Litigation, Probate Battles, and Video Surveillance

Uncategorized Apr 3, 2019
post about Civil Litigation, Probate Battles, and Video Surveillance

What does video surveillance have to do with civil litigation in Palm Beach? Why would a party in a Miami probate lawsuit want to video surveil someone? How can video surveillance help me in my Orlando probate lawsuit? What is video surveillance? When is it used in Florida civil lawsuits? Can video surveillance help me win my inheritance case? Ask your probate litigation attorney if video surveillance is appropriate for your particular probate matter. Can you use it at trial? Do you want to use it at trial? Will it substantially help your case?

If you want to read a case about video surveillance in a Florida lawsuit, you should read Willie-Koonce v. Miami Sunshine Transfer and Tours Corp. This is a December 20, 2017 Third DCA opinion. Here, video surveillance was used to prove that the plaintiff was lying about the extent of an injury. To read the entire case, click here. For a FREE consultation with a Florida probate litigator, call (561)514-0900 Ext. 101.