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Can I recover my attorneys fees in Palm Beach guardianships? (new Florida guardian video)

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2014
post about Can I recover my attorneys fees in Palm Beach guardianships? (new Florida guardian video)

Experienced guardian litigators Palm Beach know that attorneys fees can get  very, very expensive.  Just consider a “typical” hotly contested legal battle over a guardianship in Delray Beach probate court, or the probate court in Palm Beach Gardens, for example.  If family members are “fighting” over who gets to control mom or dad’s money and property, or if heirs and sisters and brothers are fighting over who will make the personal decisions for mom or dad, you can understand how time will be spent on these legal arguments by the guardianship litigators.

Florida guardian video on attorneys fees

  • Here is a link to a short, free online Florida probate guardianship video onguardianship Palm Beach attorneys fees:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H25r1mVtTas&feature=youtu.be
  • Can you get your attorneys fees paid in a Palm Beach guardianship?
  • If there is a Palm Beach guardianship, the court appointed guardian, if any, will get his or her reasonable attorneys fees paid for by the probate court Palm Beach from the ward’s money.
  • If you are not the guardian, or not named the guardian, in a document such as a health care Florida document, be cautious!
  • If the Palm Beach probate court does not appoint you as the guardian, take note
  • If you are not the trustee of the person’s revocable trust Boca Raton, be careful
  • If you are not the power of attorney for the person, be careful!
  • You will probably have to pay your own guardianship attorneys Lake Worth although you may ask the guardianship court Palm Beach for reimbursement
  • A person who is believed to be incapaciated or in need of a guardianship is often referred to by guardian Florida litigation law firm as the “alleged incapacitated person”
  • If a person who perhaps suffers from dementia or Alzheimers disease needs a guardian, the probate court Delray Beach will make a finding and then the person who needs a guardianship is called the Ward
  • How do you file for guardianship in Florida?
  • How do you get attorneys fees in Palm Beach guardian cases?
  • Both are good questions which you need to discuss with your guardian litigator so you understand the cost of “fighting” in the guardianship matter