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Can a Guardian Amend a Ward’s Trust?

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2019
post about Can a Guardian Amend a Ward’s Trust?

In Florida, guardians are appointed to care for people who cannot take care of themselves.

Guardianship lawyers West Palm Beach know that the person a guardian protects is called that guardian’s ward. What are the duties of a guardian? In Florida, can a guardian amend award’s trust? Can a guardian make himself or herself the trustee of a ward’s trust?

Duties of a Guardian in Florida:

  • Guardians have a duty to act in their wards’ best interests.
  • They have no duty to respect their wards’ wishes.
  • They have complete control over their wards’ finances, property, and care.
  • For example, guardians are responsible for paying their wards’ bills, making their wards’ living arrangements, and overseeing their wards’ medical treatment.
  • But what is the legal role of a guardian in Florida when it comes to the Ward’s trust?
  • Can a guardian modify a Florida trust as he or she sees fit?
  • West Palm Beach Probate Litigation attorneys have dealt with questions like this on many occasions.

Rene v. Sykes-Kennedy