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Appealing an Arbitration Ruling or Judgment in Florida

Uncategorized May 25, 2018
post about Appealing an Arbitration Ruling or Judgment in Florida

How do you appeal an arbitration proceeding in Florida? What is an arbitration proceeding?  What should Florida lawyers know about arbitration clauses? 

An arbitration proceeding is a private trial in front of an arbitration panel. Usually, this private trial is done in a lawyers conference room. Therefore, arbitration does not take place in a court of law. Many times, arbitration provisions are found in contracts. They usually say that, if you have a disagreement or need relief, you can’t go to a court. Instead, you need to go to an arbitration panel and the rules of arbitration apply. What do you do if you need to appeal an arbitration ruling? What is the difference between going to circuit court versus  an appellate court?  When, in very limited circumstances, are you permitted to go to a district court of appeal? You may want to read an April 11, 2016 Fourth DCA opinion, Bloom v. Ironhorse Property Owners Association, Inc. This case discusses arbitration in Florida. You can read the entire case by clicking here. If you wish to interview a West Palm Beach lawyer, free of charge, please call (561)514-0900 ext. 101.